Mini-book: a dozen recipes for Zope 3

I have started a few months ago to write a cookbook for Zope 3, both in english and french. The challenge was to be able to:
- follow the project code base wich is evolving (too) fast - provide transversal knowledge for developers that wants to create real world things with zope

The project was growing and doing well, but I had to stop, because of Nuxeo's drop of Zope: it became too hard to follow Zope 3 development exclusively in my spare time.

Nevertheless, Baiju copied the recipes in his wiki, and hopefully they will be reinjected in the work done their to construct a mainstream book.

However, this experience was really exciting, because I had to set up a writing process, explained last summer at Europython, based on agile documentation principles, to be able to provide up-to-date materials, and examples codes.

As a souvenir ;), I have generated raw pdfs in both english and french. They might be useful to people that are discovering Zope 3 out there, as they also introduces developing methodologies.

Here they are:
- Zope 3 cookbook in english - Zope 3 cookbook in french

Let me know of they are useful to you !

Important note: those recipes are not following a book plan, so the pdf table of content can look a bit strange to readers.