PyCommunity 0.1 almost ready

I've been working a lot on PyCommunity packaging lately, so it can be ready for my PyCon tutorial. Version 0.1 will be released by then and will autogenerate html pages for a Python project that bases its documentation on reST files.

There are a few mandatory files that have to be present in the project for the tool to work, but it is not really restrictive. I tried a few runs on Zope codebase and it works fine, besides a few problems with epydoc (some Zope files are breaking epydoc, I need to dig on this) and a few failures on some malformed reST files.

PyCommunity is based on Cheetah templates, that can be customized to smoothly integrate generated pages into an existing website.

Features to complete for 0.1:
- Cheesecake index report for each package - test coverage report for each package, using trace2html - Crunchy frog integration - Pygments integration - SVN hook dameon with a queue, so the generation can be done smoothly - Folder and file skipping to avoid the process of unwanted content

The source code is in a Mercurial repository, right here:

If you follow this link, you will see a generated site based on a fake project used in PyCommunity unit tests.