RuPy is coming up - 14/15 april

This conference is a great idea: during two days, Python and Ruby experts will gather in Poznan, 14/15 april, to talk about their favorite language !

On Python side we'll have some speaks about:
- TurboGears - PyPy - Django - IronPython - many other interesting topics

On Ruby side, well..just take a look here: [][], as I cannot say anything about Ruby (yet ;))

I'll have the chance to present a topic about Agile Documentation in Python, which heavily relies on my previous PyCon tutorial, but will focus on presenting how we, Python coders, play with doctests and enjoy it. (doctests, reST, Python, Beer = yepee). I have a few days left to digg on Ruby side to see how they work with tests and documenting, to conclude my slides.

There's something I don't understand though, why using Ruby ? Python is way cooler ! ... ;)

Anyway, I am looking forward to talk to people from the Ruby community to get an insight, and to see Poland.

dzieƄ dobry !