Plone 3 UI : omg !

The last time I *really used* Plone was back in the days I used to have a website called "", a few years ago. I used to work then with Plone 1.something, and was quite impressed by its features, but disliked a bit its interface.

I worked then at Nuxeo a few years with CPS, trying to enhance its interface through JS and other tools, until they quit Zope. Now, a year after, I'm back to Plone for my new work, and I must say that I am really impressed by the new Plone user interface.

The guys did a great work enhancing the user experience, through clever layouts and a smooth integration of KSS, a JS framework. I worked a little bit on it with Godefroid when it started but nothing compared to what it became: simple, yet powerful.

I didn't write to much on this blog lately, because it's hard to write for two blogs (one in french, one in english) but i'll try to do it regularly for now one, to talk about my Plone experience, since it's now becoming my every day work. I guess my next posts will focus on the tools I am discovering, and all those things that have evolved a lot in the past 4 years, focusing onthe UI of course, but also on Zope 3 integration, since I took a little bit part in its development.

The manual that was published yesterday is a good starting point for me :