iw.* recipes release festival

A lot of buildout recipes have been created lately at Ingeniweb, you can list them here: http://pypi.python.org/pypi?%3Aaction=search&term=iw.recipe&submit=search.

Let me present them quickly:
- iw.recipe.cmd : yet another command line recipe. This is useful when you need to perform some pre or post installation steps that don't worth a recipe. - iw.recipe.fetcher : this recipe is a wget-like command, that knows how to downloads a file given by an url. - iw.recipe.fss : this recipe creates folders and configuration file when you use File System Storage in your Plone application. - iw.recipe.squid : automates the configuration of Squid, and is Cache-Fu friendly - iw.recipe.pound : compiles and installs Pound in your buildout, and creates its configuration file. - iw.recipe.subversion : this one is a bit like infrae.subversion but it doesn't make controls of modified files (which can be very long when you update a buildout), and it generates in download-cache when it is given, a tarball of the subversion branch. This allow us to perform offline installation with subversion branches without having to change the cfg files. - iw.recipe.template : this recipe knows how to render a cheetah template like Paster does for instance. It makes it easy to add a few custom files in our buildouts

If you use them please let us know !

Other recipes are beeing created, like iw.recipe.pen, which does like iw.recipe.pound but for Pen. I will blog sometimes about Pen, which can be used instead of Pound when you need an universal load balancer that can work on any platform.