PloneSoftwareCenter Christmas mini-sprint

I made a mini-sprint on PSC for Christmas, since everyone around me was sitting watching christmas movies on TV and trying to digest.

Here's a wrapup for comment, and for upcoming work.

Current branch (pypi)

I've merged Sidnei's work into a new branch, with the current trunk since his work was done 2 years ago. I have made a few changes from his initial implementation:
- the PyPI API is now coded in a browser view instead of a persistent object, since it has no properties to keep at all; - when a release is uploaded, a new release object is created for the given version if it doesn't exists instead of raising an error and asking the user to manually create it inside the PSC; - the doctest was simplified and uses sample tarballs and eggs.

I need to finish up a few things and to add some features such as:
- automatic project creation. When a package is uploaded and no project corresponds to it, a new project is created using the egg name and provided metadata. This will make the PSC acts like the CheeseShop. (an option will be added in PSC to activate/deactivate this feature to prevent automatic creation of projects if not wanted). - trove web service the TROVE.txt file created by Sidnei needs to be replaced by a call to the categories; (see next section) - multiple uploads. Make sure everything works fine when several files are uploaded for one release; - more tests I need to write more tests from various clients and platform to make sure it works good. (by recording setuptools/distutils calls and creating tests with this).

This work should be done this week if everyone is OK with what I have proposed.

About the Trove classification

The Cheeseshop provides a Trove classification (see which evolves. For instance the "Django framework" category was added last week IIRC.

Obviously, Plone eggs should follow this classification but when they are uploaded in a PloneSoftwareCenter they might find specific categories defined locally (these categories might be specific to the project). I think we should let people freely define their classifiers in and let each server take the ones they have in their list.

The problem with Cheeseshop implementation is that it fails silently when a item in the 'classifiers' list doesn't exists on the server side. The package metadata seem to be lost after that. (this looks like a bug to me, I didn't digg the PyPI code yet). I need to ask over distutils-sig about this and see if we can come up with a Cheeseshop that will pick the categories it knows out of the classifier list, and let the other alone. This would allow PSC to deal with extra categories.

Then the PSC will have to implement the trove web services and serve its categories, so the "list-classifiers" option of the register command works.

Until then I guess we can leave the classification settings manual.

About the .pypirc file

This file that is used with the register command is working just for one server and will not allow having several set of login/password. This is not a problem when the login of your plone with your PSC is the same than the one in PyPI. Otherwise it won't work.

Furthermore, this command is using a hardcoded 'pypi' realm if you look at distutils/commands/
auth.add_password('pypi', host, username, password)

The real solution here is to make distutils evolve so the .pypirc file allows having several login/password for each server, using the host url and the realm (the realm can be queried automatically too). Until then we have to make the PyPI api return a 'pypi' realm on 401 error (and this was done by Sidnei's work).

To avoid maintaining several .pypirc files and forcing the realm on 401 errors though, we should create a new register command, that can work with a enhanced version of the file and allow adding passwords for several hosts. IMHO, the disutils package code is PyPI-centric but was primarly intented to work over any release server, so it has to evolve on that point.

About sdist and bdist_egg

We have discussed in my latest entry about having a new command to upload the package in the PSC:
$ python plone_upload

The idea is to be able to upload the release to and to the Cheeseshop in one step. People reacted over this because in my example I used bdist_egg instead of dist for the packaging. I think it's a false debate because it's up to the developer to decide how he releases his work, using a tarball that is compiled by the target system, and/or an egg.

So we can just define an enhanced upload command that replaces the original one, to automate the upload on several servers, and let the developer manually call sdist and/or bdist_egg.

Servers could be picked up by the user at the prompt.

Schedule & tasks

This are my plans in PSF this week and next week:
- finish my current work on the branch, so the basic implementation works; - provide an enhanced version of the register and upload command, for multiple servers uploads. This will be done in a new package, since it's more like a distutils enhancement; - implement the trove webservice using PSC categories.