Buildout: and are acting like SPOF

Yesterday, was moved on another server. It was an horrible day for our people here that didn't have a local cache of eggs to build their instances. So was acting like a Single Point Of Failure(SPOF) for some packages.

A few developers, that are under windows, were even having permission denied errors on their buildout because when a package is badly downloaded is not correctly crushed before a new attempt (I need to add a ticket about this in setuptools tracker I guess).

Anyway, we decided to create a mirror here, (I am buiding it at this morning hopefully) to avoid such problems.

This makes me think that zc.buildout should introduce a high-level mirror mechanism in the find-links variable, that would let someone explicitely provide a list of mirror. It could look like this:

find-links = | |

It could be used to switch the find-links values sent to setuptools when the primary url is down by attempting a simple call with a timeout.