Using RelStorage with Plone 3

Last week, Shane Hattaway made available RelStorage on This product replaces PGStorage and allows you to switch from FileStorage (the Data.fs file) to a Postgresql or Oracle storage for ZODB pickles. ZEO is not needed anymore in that configuration, and each Zope instance calls the same Postgresql server.

According to Shane, RelStorage handles high concurrency better than the standard combination of ZEO and FileStorage. So I have started to make a few tests with it to see how we can use it on some projects.

I have made a few changes to plone.recipe.zope2instance to be able to define a buildout that uses RelStorage, and created a buildout on the collective that runs a Plone 3 over RelStorage.

The buildout sets a relstorage configuration and patches the ZODB 3.7 code. Instead of a file-storage option in the buildout.cfg file, a rel-storage option is added:
rel-storage =

    type postgresql

    dbname zodb

    user postgres

    host localhost

    password postgres

If you want to try it with your Postgres or Oracle server, you can get it from the collective here:

Notice: the script that patches the ZODB code does a system call instead of using the difflib module, so you need to have the patch program available at the prompt. So I guess it will fail under windows.

Notice 2: The buildout installs psycopg2 egg, but not the oracle one.