Pylint installation made easier

EDIT: logilab.pylininstaller is now deprecated, since Logilab made Pylint easy_installable now.

So, just call : easy_install pylint.

I love Pylint.

Correctly configured, it is really useful to raise your code quality. But it can be really painful to install if you are not under a Debian-like or OpenSuse-like system, because of its dependencies that are not namespaced packages (logilab-common and logilab-astng).

In other words, don't try to easy_install the packages that are on PyPI, it will not work.

That's why I have created an egg, called logilab.pylintinstaller, that will let you install it as easy as:
$ easy_install logilab.pylintinstaller

It bundles all dependencies and grabs pylint 0.14, then installs everything.

Thanks to Sylvain Thénault from Logilab for his help on this.