Plone Paris Sprint going on, quick wrapup

We are working here at the Paris Sprint, and many things are going on. I wanted to do a quick wrapup before a longer and final wrapup.

Here's all the tasks going on (I might miss some):
- Youenn and Cartsen are working on plone.recipe.apache, that will let you build and/or setup Apache in a buildout - Michel presented a very interested talk yesterday on how insecure Plone can be (Man in the Middle attacks, etc), on the various existing solutions, and works on things to enhance it - Maik leads a Funittest group, teaching the tool to people, and enhancing i - Olivier and Christophe are working on Grok to learn it. Christophe worked yesterday on filling content to the new web site - Matthew, Alex and I are working on PloneSoftwareCenter and, so the website can be ready to move to an egg-enabled Plone 3. wOOt ! - Gael, Jean-Francois (and Kai yesterday) are working on "Pimp my Buildbot": configure and launch a complete buildbot system in a matter of minutes, using a simple buildout cfg file and running a simple command. I think this could be used for Plone repository and the collective as well ! The tool will be move to the collective at the end of the sprint. - Gilles, Cyrille, and others (sorry, can't keep up with all names), are working on iw.fss (FileSystemStorage for plone 3) - Mustapha and Anton are making sweet things in ZopeSkel - Anton worked also on finding the best way to do aysnhronous tasks in Plone
- There's a big PloneGov team that is working on making the tool friendly with various government systems. - Jean-Nicolas leads the work on kss/eventPush, so we all get a upload widget with live feedback (no flash inside ;)) - Godefroid and Lennart are Grok-ing as well; - Christophe is preparing [collective.kss.fly_guy][], a tool that provides drag and drop in folder_contents - Harito, Christian and Wim are making a sweet new theme for Plone: "Notre Dame". The theme is kept quite generic, with all the plone tools/portlets designed in blue tones, kept in mind to be easy adjustable and changed to other color schemes. It will be a table-less egg for Plone 3.

More blogging tomorrow, I need to get back to my task :)