Plone Paris Sprint wrapup, part #2: collective.buildbot released !

The Pimp my Buildbot project that was started here at Ingeniweb some time ago, to be able to set up a buildbot in a matter of minutes with zc.buildout, was continued during the sprint, and the guys did a great job on it.

It will be used here in customer projects with a Paster that adds buildbot support when a project starts, because it is a waste of time for the developers to set everything everytime.

Jean-Francois Roche, Kai Lautaportti and Gael Pasgrimaud added extensive configuration options (mail, scheduling), and made the SVN Poller works. This feature allows for instance to make the buildbot watch a SVN repository without having to add a hook in the server (post-commit hook for instance), when you don't own it (SourceForge, collective, etc)

The tool is released in the collective, and available at the Cheeseshop in one single package !

If you want to set a buildbot
- provide for each one of your project a buildout that has a test script - make sure the test script returns exit code (--with-exit-status with zope.testing) - create a buildout cfg file using collective.buildbot - run buildout, that's it ! - run the master, slaves scripts, and go to the /waterfall page

Just try out our own buildbot by running this sequence:
$ cd /tmp/

$ mkdir my_bot

$ cd my_bot/

$ svn co .

$ python

$ bin/buildout

$ bin/master start

$ bin/linux_debian start   (that's our slave)

You should have a buildbot running then at http://localhost:9000/waterfall

The tool, without the polling stuff, also works with Mercurial and Bzr, but probably needs more tests with these repositories. We also need to make sure the slaves works fine under Windows, and add a nice front page to the buildbot.

If you use it let us know !