Pycon FR is coming up - may 17/18 - ask the program

Pycon FR will take place in Paris, may 17/18, at the Cité des sciences et de la Villette.

A very rich program will be presented:
- Learn Python first ! (Eric LEBIGOT) - Graphviz made easier with GvGen (Sebastien Tricaud) - Genes research with Python (Andre Espaze) - CouchDB (Benoit Chesneau) - PyPy explained (Victor Stinner) - Quality Assurance (Julien Jehannet) - Zope 3 overview (Christophe Combelles) - Scapy in action (Renaud Lifchitz) - E-sonoclaste, multimedia annotations (Vincent Rioux) - Why Django ? (David Larlet) - PLUIE project (Michel Claveau) - WSGI in practice using Paste (Gael Pasgrimaud) - Distributed Version Control with Mercurial (Michael SCHERER) - Create and deploy Python apps with zc.buildout (Tarek Ziadé) - Django everyday: quality and performance (David Larlet) - Python 3000 (Victor Stinner)

There will be lightning talks as well, and the French speaking user group (Afpy) will have its annual meeting on sunday morning. A second room will be available for sprints and BoF sessions as well. All the talks will be in French this year

If you are around Paris, please join use ! It free !

Otherwise, watch the talks in the live stream:

Thanks to our partners, for making this happen:
- The Python Software Foundation - Logilab - Nerim - Ingeniweb - Resolver Systems - Pilot Systems - WingWare - Makina Corpus - Toonux - ActiveState - Gymglish - Eyrolles - Cité des Sciences et de la Vilette