zc.buildout on-going work

Just a quick post about the work going on in zc.buildout.

Work published lately:
- Malthe and Mustapha have added a nice option to be able to add or substract values in variables that are inherited from an extended cfg file (already available, see the doc here) - I have added an allow-hosts option, that behaves like easy_install one, which can be used to restrict some accesses (see here) - Sidnei fixed some annoying bugs (missing quotes in some process calls)

On-going work:
- I am working on a timeout config option, to be able to set the socket timeout (see my previous post on this). Andreas added a command-line option a bit ago as well, but we need to refactor it a bit to have it as a config file option. - I work on a python API so the buildout can be driven from the code. This useful for instance to create tests that are not using a os.popen or os.system call to build a buildout: a separated process is hard to debug. - We are having some thaughts on having a multiple-index enabled buildout. Still brainstorming.