migration migration to Plone 3 is taking a bit longer than expected, but it should turn into reality soon.

There will be many improvements on the set of packages the website uses (I am thinking in particular about Maurits's work on POI that will speed up the trackers, but it is just an example), and blobs should be used for the products section (more than 700 projects are registered there).

I worked last week-end on the products section, by finishing collective.psc.mirroring, which will copy all packages that are uploaded at into a file system directory. This directory will be published directly by Apache so the website will become a new package location for zc.buildout (find-links section) and easy_install calls without invoking the Plone instance.

Now I am focusing on PloneSoftwareCenter (PSC) migration. It is a pretty interesting topic: for every project located in the products folder with releases, I am going to extract its "distutils ids". These ids are the name set in the file for each release.

I will then look at PyPI through XML-RPC if the package is also released, using the id. In that case, and if the author email is the same on both side, I will validate that the project on "owns" the given distutils id. From there PSC will act like PyPI and will reject uploads of packages if the user is not the owner of the project that owns the package id.

Of course there will be errors and some people might feel like their package has been hijacked if they cannot upload their packages. But this should be minor and should be OK after a while. A mail will soon be send to the community to ask people to check that they are synced between PyPI and

I am really excited about this work because will then be compatible with distutils register and upload commands, which means that people will be able to update products section like they do with PyPI : through a single commande line.

Hey Sidnei, what you thought of several years ago is about to turn true. ;)

Edit: My apologies goes to Maurits, who did the work on POI, not Reinout, his brother ;)