Help me go to the Plone Conference !

I have been asked to be a "champion" last winter at the Plone summit.

My task was :

Improve release procedures for add-ons on document a release process, and create release tools for packaging and uploading products from the command line.

Since then, the major steps that I have done for it were :
- change Python's .pypirc format so it can be used to interact with PyPI and Plone. DONE - provide a package to make the new .pypirc format available under Python 2.4 and 2.5. DONE - make PloneSoftwareCenter PyPI-compatible. DONE

The steps left are:
- continue the help on Plone 3 migration, so it becomes reality - document the release process, based on PyPI, and collective.dist

I am planning to go at the Plone Conference and to give a tutorial on all this work to deliver to the community the releasing process documentation. So these two remaining steps have to happen before the conference. I am also planning to sprint with people there.

My company contributes a lot to the Plone community. For instance we have organized the Paris Plone Sprint and we try to contribute as often as we can into the collective. But it has its limits and my airfare cannot be covered at this time.

This is the first time I am asking something to the community : please, help me go to the Plone conference !

I have created a page at ChipIn, and I am trying to raise the money to go to D.C.

What you get if you help me:
- You will contribute to and release procedures enhancements - Since I can create t-shirts, I will create a unique Plone'08 DC logo T-Shirt that I will ship to the 5 biggest donators.

EDIT : It seems that Paypal won't take your browser language settings into account. If you can't read french you can try this hack I have found to switch to english :

*when the paypal page is loaded add "locale.x=en_US&" into the url after "websrc?=" *

so it looks like this:

Reload that link and it should switch in english.

EDIT 2: don't worry if Paypal tells you Amina El Kamel received the payment. This is my girlfriend Paypal account ;) .

Click on the cat :