Thank you, Plone community !


I have been really involved in Plone for about one year now. This community just rocks. I met incredible guys, and did tons of work and experiments with them.

I have asked the community for help to go to the Plone Conf with a fund raising. I raised the funds in 3 days... I am astonished, this is a marvelous gift from you guys. I alsmot cried when I saw all those people donating.

I am so lucky, and so proud to be part of the Plone community and to know all of you. I will work hard to produce the best tutorial I can for the Plone Conf, and continue of course my work in the community tasks I am currently involved in.

I would like to say a big, warm thank to (the order is chronological, from the latest donation to the first one):
- Andreas Jung - Veda Williams - David Glick - Jeff Kowalczyk - Youenn Boussard - Christian Klinger - Jesse Snyder - Alec Mitchell - John Habermann - Maurits van Rees - Jean-Fran├žois Roche - Martin Aspeli - Alain Meurant - Aleksandr Vladimirskiy - Jon Stahl - Alexander Limi - Stephen McMahon

And a very special thanks to Calvin Hendryx-Parker.

This conference will be a blast for sure, if you can go there, do it !

Now I better find a good idea for those T-Shirts I have promised ! ... :)