Yet another Planet

Atomisator is a framework so it is hard to get an idea of its features until a real application uses it.

That is why I wrote a small application in Pylons called Yap (Yet Another Planet), that is basically displaying the XML file produced by an Atomisator instance. Since Atomisator does all the work, the Pylons apps is really small (one or two controllers, that's it).

My first use case was to produce a nice, smart Planet for our user group Afpy.

Here's a first draft:

You can play with 'j', 'k' and arrows to open and close posts, but I am still working on this, so it will also scrolling the window when you are on a post.

Anyways, it grabs various French sources for Python and uses these plugins from Atomisator:
- filter : reddit - filter : delicious - filter : doublons - enhancer : related - enhancer : digg

The result is basically following reddit and delicious links to display an extract of the page linked, and display digg comments as well. Duplicate are removed as well. A list of related entry are also added to each entry.

It is based on this configuration file, Atomisator uses to generate an XML file for Yap in a cron:

sources =

    rss    Delicious

    rss Afpy News

    rss Bader

    rss Biologeek

    rss  Gawel

    rss    Haypo

    rss  No

    rss Tarek

    rss,fr  Blogmarks

# put here the database location

database = sqlite:///afpy.db

# this is the file that will be generated

file = /home/tarek/www/packages/Yap/trunk/yap/public/afpy.xml

# infos that will appear in the generated feed.

title = Planet Python Francophone

description = Le planet de l'Association Python Francophone, et des gens heureux.

link =

filters =




enhancers =



What's Next ?

Since now, there were no attempt to try to automatically classify entries. The next plugin I am working on will provide a Naive Bayesian filter to classify entries, together with a way to train it through the Yap web interface. basically a 'keep'/'ditch' button.

I will also set an english Planet Python to see how things go with more sources.