PloneConf'08 slides + screencasts : delivering applications with zc.buildout and a distributed model

I was totally drowned into some customer projects since I came back from the Plone Conference. But things are looking better now, so I can take a bit of time to start blogging about the conference. I'll probably do three blog posts: this one about my tutorial, the next one about the conference itself and last, an entry about the sprints.

So I gave a tutorial about zc.buildout. The length was a bit challenging, since I had 90 minutes. Enough time to explain more things than in a regular talk, but not enough time to get into great details, as a tutorial should be.

The other thing was about the topic: two talks were covering zc.buildout, Clayton Parker's one and mine. So my goal was to make sure they were not overlapping too much.

I had the chance to meet Clayton before we both gave our talk, since the Six Feet Up crew gave me shelter in the house they rented (nicest guys in the block). Even if we didn't exchange a lot on the slides themselves, I could figure what Clayton was going to present. So I.... started my slides from scratch two days before my tutorial and worked carefully on their scope :D

Alex Clark came and backed me up during the talk, since we are working together one for months now and since the talk presented the new that is coming up.

I think I did quite well during the talk, because we had a pause half way, and when we started back, the room stayed full ;)

This is the second time I record all the console work in small screencasts, to avoid live problems, and I think this is the best way to go if you need to do some demos, so I'll keep on doing it. Plus, it's nice to provide them to people after the talk.

Anyway, the talk was videotaped so you can to judge by yourself:
- The video - Theslides.

And everytime you see a "get the screencast at" in there, well get them :)

In detail:
1. Distutils demo 2. setuptools demo 3. collective.eggproxy demo 4. PloneSoftwareCenter installation 5. collective.dist demo 6. demo 7. collective.releaser demo 8. plone 3 buildout demo 9. Multiple target releasing demo

What's next ?

  • We need to finish the work with Alex on It's not hard, it just takes time, and we both are quit busy in our jobs :)
  • I need to polish collective.releaser and collective.eggproxy. They are brut de fonderie, and the code suck a bit. If you are using them and want to help, or have some feedback/issues, please, pretty please, let me know.