Pycon 2009 proposals

The proposal acceptance date is in a few days.

Here are the four proposals I have made:
- The state of packaging in Python. This discussion resumes the current options when it comes to distribute your packages. It also explains the pitfalls and the gap between the Python developers and the OS vendors and packagers. I think this talk will not be picked because the topic is wide and vague. So I proposed to transform it into a panel where lead developers from various framework could explain their usage of distutils and what is missing to make them happy. No feedback yet on this. - Atomisator, the agile data processing framework. This tool is starting to be useful, and I think it can be useful to others. Check for a quick overview. - How AlterWay releases web applications using zc.buildout. That is the same talk I gave at the Plone conf but I present it in a way people understand zc.buildout is not tied to Zope and Plone and can be used with any other application. As a matter of fact, it has become a standard here, and we use it for Pylons, etc.. - On the importance of PyPI in delivering and building Python softwares - mirroring, fail-over and third-party package indexes. That's a long title. It presents my work on PyPI.

Last, I will go to the Python Language Summit the day before Pycon. I volunteered to be a "champion" on distutils matters.