Pycon 2009 talks

I have 2 accepted talks at Pycon, that is great. I would like to say that the Pycon review system is awesome because you can see what the reviewers have said, and understand why your talk was accepted or declined.

I was a bit frustrated that my Atomisator talk was declined, but I think it makes sense : this is a new tool, and beside my user group and a few people, it is not really used yet.

One reviewer said that it had to be picked, and another one answered :

I agree that PyCon should not restrict itself to well-known projects, but it should definitely restrict itself to projects that are (a) in production use, (b) under active development, and (c) likely to still be so in a year. There are so many projects meeting these criteria that for me, the bar is very high indeed to spend a talk slot on one that does not.

Ok, fair enough : I will present this talk at Pycon 2010 and they won't have any argument to decline it ;)

The talks that made it:
- How AlterWay releases web applications using zc.buildout - On the importance of PyPI in delivering and building Python softwares - mirroring, fail-over and third-party package indexes

I will get into greater details later on.