What's new in Distutils ?

Since Python 3.0.1 was released this week, here's a quick wrapup of what is going on in Distutils.

Code work (since one month)

New features

  • Issue 2563 : now the manifest is embed in windows extensions
  • Issue 4394 : the storage of the password in .pypirc file is optional now

Fixed bugs

  • Issue 4524: distutils was failing to build scripts with the '--with-suffix=3'
  • Issue 5132 : build_ext command was failing under Solaris with '--enabled-shared'
  • Issue 5075 : bdist_wininst was depending on the vc runtime


  • Issue 2461 : added test coverage for util.py
  • Issue 3986 : removed string and type usage from distutils.cmd
  • Issue 3987 : removed type usage from distutils.core


  • Issue 5158 : added documentation for depends option for extensions
  • Issue 4987: updated README info
  • Issue 4137 : SIG web pages were updated

Design work

The main topics that are being discussed are:
- Improving the console script story. thread starts here. - Publishing a Survey on Distutils before the Language Summit. thread starts here. - Adding an uninstall command to unistall packages in the sdtlib : thread starts here - Adding a get_metadata API in pkgutil to get the metadata of an arbritary package The same code can also be used for various lookups (uninstall, console script) : thread starts here - Having a new PEP to make egg.info a directory and clearly define PKG-INFO and its match with metdata. thread starts here