new blog location, new design, update your bookmarks

I was thinking about doing this change for a while, and I took the time to do it last week-end:

My personal website at is now powered by Pylons and Atomisator. It's both in French and English (the urls are translated too).

It contains:
- a home page with my latest twitter entries - a blog (this one) - some other pages like a résumé, a list of the books I wrote, a projects page, etc.

I am still using Wordpress to write my blog entries but they are now processed with Atomisator and displayed at The feed is now located at and I will make sure all Planets use this URL for now on.

Next I'll probably :
- move to another blogging tool, and my readers will not suffer from the change as long as they use the feed url. - add some portlets into the new site, like the ones I have on Wordpress.

How do you like this new look ? Any comment / advice ? :)