mod_ntlm in FreeBSD

We had to install [mod_ntlm][] under a FreeBSD 6.4 server with a colleague, but the port for this package seems broken at least for FreeBSD 6.2 and 6.4. It just doesn't work when it initiates an NTLM session through SMB, and it seems to be compiled without the log support so the last log you get doesn't give any useful hint on what's wrong.

So we had to recompile it to activate the log and try understand what the problem was. But Apache doesn't not support threaded mode under FreeBSD 6.x (or I couldn't manage to make it work howsoever), so mod_ntlm failed to compile since it uses Apache's thread mutexes to perform some locks on some operations.

We've deactivated them and recompiled the module, and now it works now like a charm. It's weird because it means that the binary package for this module is completely broken. I couldn't find any place mentioning this.

Anyways, I know this is an old software combination, but since Google doesn't give any hint on this problem, I wanted to blog about it and join the diff I made out of mod_ntlm2 at here:diff file

So if you bump into this problem, you will hopefully reach this page and save a few hours.