Gsoc Keyring project - post-midterm quick status

Kang (my Gsoc student) work is going very well on the Python Universal Keyring Library. He's basically finished to implement back ends for major keyring systems:
- Apple KeyChain - Gnome Keyring - KDE Wallet

And for Windows users, there's an extra back end based on Win32CryptoKeyring, which stores a crypted version of the password in a file. Last, there's another File-based crypted back end based on the PyCrypto lib.

The library is extensible and there's an abstract base class that provides an interface you can use to write your own back end. Each back end has to return a "recommandation" value depending on the execution context (the platform, and anything the back end wants to check). 0 means the back end is not compatible, 1 means it will work, 2 means it's recommended to use it. This allows us to pick the best back end automatically depending on the execution context.

Check the code here :

Kang is tweaking the API names, modules names etc, and then will:
- add some documentation - write a patch for getpass.getpass - start a web page for the lib

For the latter we are brainstorming on the project name before we release it.

I've asked on Twitter, here are some proposals so far (thanks guys!):
- @nightlybuild: Vercotti ? ( the recurring Sicilian connected gangster, played by Michael Palin - - @pmclanahan: I like "Zoot". From The Holy Grail, the name of the naughty sister in the perilous castle Anthrax. - @tpherndon: Bridge Keeper - "Answer me these questions three!" - @gurneyalex: you could consider creosote too - @jessenoller: Call it bucket. From meaning of life. - @regebro: "Biggles". Because he chains an old woman to a wall. - @gurneyalex: BrightSide

And you, what's your proposal ?

Once the name is picked, we will start promoting the lib. I'll work on distutils integration, and we will propose it to projects like Mercurial (it makes sense to allow the removal of those clear-text passwords from your hgrc when you are doing http auth).

Have I said it already ? being a GSoc mentor is a great experience, especially when you have the chance to pick students like Kang.