First Distribute mini-sprint (online)

While we are working at fixing bugs in 0.6.x, we are organizing a first online coding sprint for the 0.7.x series, and for various community tasks.

What are we going to do ?

  • We need to finalize the 0.7.x renaming and splitting work
  • We also need to define a more detailed roadmap for each splitted package (new features, deprecations, etc.)
  • We need to build a better test environment, and see if we can set up a buildbot for our work
  • We need to write a tutorial explaining how Distribute can be used in a project. (Python 3 support, Moving from Setuptools to Distribute, etc)

Who can join ?

There are no particular level required to participate, but we won't be able in this session to teach to participants how to work with Mercurial, Python, etc. But if you want to help in the Documentation part or testing, it's as important and useful as the code and we are welcoming you.

Last, if you are just interested in evaluating Distribute for your project, you are welcome to join, we will help you.

Where ?

Online, on IRC - Freenode - #distutils channel

When, how long and how ?

Possible times (all CEST +0200 UTC) :
- Sunday October 18th - 6 pm - Tuesday October 20th - 7 pm - Wenesday October 21th - 7 pm - Friday October 23th - 7 pm

The sprint will be held for a minimum of 3 hours, and people will be free to leave when they want.

The most important thing is to be present on time when the sprint starts, so we can make groups and kick it off. If you want to join, add your name here: