virtualenv and zc.buildout now with Distribute included

We are still actively working in fixing all the remaining bugs in Distribute (our Setuptools fork).

But we have reached an important milestone this week: both virtualenv and zc.buildout now comes with an option to switch to Distribute.

In virtualenv:
$ virtualenv --distribute ENV

In zc.buildout, using its file:
$ python --distribute

Enjoy !

For those who may wonder why they should switch to Distribute over Setuptools, it's quite simple:
- Distribute 0.6.x is a drop-in replacement for Setuptools - Distribute is actively maintained, and has over 10 commiters - Distribute 0.6.x offers Python 3 support !

And if you still struggle with packaging issues, the place to hang around to get some help is the #distutils IRC channel on Freenode.