Pycon packaging sprint topics

Pycon is coming soon. Here's a list of possible topics I would like to work on during the sprint:
1. adding the features in Distutils I've mentioned in my earlier post. 2. work on the standalone release of Distutils, and make sure it works with 2.4, 2.5, etc so it can be distributed at PyPI. There are already installable nightly builds by the way. 3. Finish the buildbot work so Distutils is tested with more projects from PyPI 4. Continue the work on Distribute, and specifically the work on 0.7:
1. finish the develop command that would work with non-eggs formats 2. finish the configure/build/install command where all options are computed and saved by the configure command

  1. Fix plenty of issues in the tracker
  2. work on a geolocalisation feature for Pip, so the nearest mirror can be picked
  3. ...

Anyone interested in packaging sprinting at Pycon ? Let me know !