Simple command-line vault : CLVault

I am pretty happy with the Keyring project. I use it now everywhere in my Mercurial-based projects, thanks to [mercurial_keyring][].

There's one other place I've started to use it: I needed a simple command-line based tool to save passwords and read them. The tool I've used so far was KeePass, but I need to run it then click on its UI. This is time consuming when I simply want to push a password in the clipboard to use it to unlock something.

So I've wrote these two very simple scripts that use Keyring to store and retrieve passwords
$ clvault-set blog

Set your password:

Password set.

$ clvault-get blog

The password has been copied in your clipboard

The code that copy the passwords in the clipboard was tested under Mac OS with its Keychain, but should work under Windows and Linux as well.

I think these scripts can be useful for people like me who spend most of their time in a bash prompt when they are not in Vim or Emacs. So I created a project called CLVault.. You can grab it at the PyPI: CLVault PyPI page

or install it like this with Pip:
$ pip install clvault

Let me know if it's useful to you !