python-weave released

I did more experiments on Weave last week-end, and released python-weave at PyPI, which is basically Mozilla's Python client for Weave, plus some work I did to make it a Distutils-based project so it can be installed easily.

If you want to play with it, make sure you have Swig installed, then run:
$ pip install python-weave

You can also use easy_install or a plain install call. Once this is done, you will have a weave package in your Python installation, containing the Weave client.

My first goal with this client was to publish my Firefox bookmarks in an RSS feed online in my Pylons website (, so I could share them with others. I have now a cron job on my server that gets the bookmarks on my Weave account every hour, and creates a RSS2 feed out of it.

The result is here :

It simplifies my bookmarking workflow and make it dead simple for other people to grab them (I can drop delicious and use exclusively FF to mark pages).

I have added this script as a small example in the source release, see:

The next steps in my experiments will be:
1. display the xml feed in a Pylons view, sorting the bookmarks with their tags/keywords 2. have a way to mark some bookmarks as private, and some as public (maybe through folder organization) 3. add some social features on the top of it. (enable comments, etc.) 4. let my friends register their own Weave accounts (pointing to any Weave server, not necessarily Mozilla's), so they can publish their own bookmarks.

I realize that 4. is potentially dangerous because it can allow a third party server to retrieve and store data that was protected by Mozilla's Weave server. But one of the goal of Weave is to allow several devices to get the users' data and Firefox is just one client. There's a lot of potential to build applications outside Firefox too. I have seen that Weave has an OAuth service (not sure yet if its implemented), so I need to experiment that. But I'd also need to display other people' bookmarks. So maybe the best solution for this would be to have a single Weave account all people share. And allow a single Firefox to manage multiple accounts: a personal one and a shared one accessed by several people. That would resolve 2. :)

Anyways, this whole experiment is about building something similar to what delicious provides, but with a tighter integration in Firefox and on an open standard.