Suki, Mozilla and Japanese book

June is a very intense month for me, and the rest of the year should be way more intense.

For once, this entry is not about packaging, and a bit personal. But I want to share this with the Python community because that's my second family.

First of all, Suki was born two days ago on June 17th ! That's my lovely little girl, my second child. I am so happy about this (you bet). Her aunt, who is creating short movies for a living, has made a small video to welcome Suki to the world. Check it out, she's done an amazing job.

I was looking for a job and I have found one. I have accepted a position at Mozilla Labsand I'll start next Monday. I am very excited about this for many reasons. The projects I'll be working on are great, and the Mozilla people & values match perfectly with how I feel about open source and the web. I'll start talking about this here in a few weeks I guess, once things will be really started. Thanks to all the people that helped me in my job seeking during these last months !

Last, my latest book "Expert Python Programming" wastranslated in Japanese. I know some authors are translated in other languages quite often, but for me it was a big deal, because I have worked around with the translation team and the Japanese book is actually better than the original book, thanks to them, their feedback, passion about Python, ideas and work. Now I need to go to Japan to meet them :D