Packaging talk at Pycon 2011

I have submitted a talk for Distutils at Pycon U.S. 2011 under the "Extreme Talks" section. The idea is to do a deep-dive talk on how Distutils2 works and how to use it in your projects.

Here's the summary of what I am planning to present:
- Distutils2 presentation and goals

    - Framework

    - Command-driven packaging system

-  Changes from Distutils1

    - R.I.P.

    - The new metadata fields (PEP 345)

    - versions for your project (PEP 386)

    - PyPI goodies

     - browsing

     - uploading docs

    - What's installed ? what to install ? (PEP 376)

     - The Dependency graph tool

    - Extensibility !

     - commands

     - compilers

-  Pysetup, one command to rule them all

    - install !

    - remove

    - do other things

-  Examples

    - Example 1: A simple Distutils2 project

    - Example 2: Porting your project to Distutils2, and keep it working in Distutils/Setuptools/zc.buildout environments.

    - Example 3: Creating and releasing your own commands and compilers

    - Example 4: Developement process made simple with Distutils2

-  Conclusion

    - Roadmap

If you are thinking about something related to Distutils that you would like to see discussed during this talk, let me know here !