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Week 49

Easy Setup on new devices: I worked on doing distributed tests and blogged about it. Turns out using gevent does not speed up the application because it uses a memcached lib that works with sockets and it looks like it's locking Gevent. So I'll just use the regular worker and change some of the design later to be able to use several workers.

Firefox Sync in Python: Integrated some reviews from Ian and did some minor cleanup.

OpenID / Identity: I passed the project to JR, our new team member. (Welcome ;))

QA: I set up a Hudson server that runs the tests for the Sync and the Pake server and also builds the RPMs. This way the packages are continuously built and any error related to that part is also detected.

Next Week Plans

This week-end and next week, I plan to:
- Write some script to automate the deployment of the RPM built by Hudson - Start some documentation - Have an intensive work week in Moutain View - Prepare the 1/2 Python gathering we will have Tuesday there. - etc.