Distutils2 sprint !

Thanks to Logilab, our host for this, we will have a Distutils2 sprint in Paris from the 27th to the 30st January. I won't be sprinting the 27th but I will be, starting the 28th until the end.

The sprint will focus on:
- the install/remove scripts - polishing Distutils2 for the next alpha release - many other things...

I'll do a rehearsal of my Pycon 2011 talk, as an introduction to packaging and Distutils2. The sprint is open to anyone, but their will be no introduction to Python, TDD or sprinting and we expect participants to know those.

If you are interested, add your name here: http://wiki.python.org/moin/Distutils/SprintParis. You can sprint with us online if you can't make it to Paris. If you want to do so, add you name with that precision (online).