Mozilla Services - Weeks 01-02

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I did not post a weekly update last week because things slowed down during vacations. I've also decided:
- to change the title to a less geeky one, that is easy to understand :D - to publish the post every two weeks instead of every week. It seems to be a more natural pace. We'll see

What happened

My talk at Pycon about Firefox Sync was accepted ! I've added a Wiki page containing the outline so you can help me if you see some missing things or want me to talk about -

Hudson now runs all kinds of tests over the Sync and Pake servers. The functional tests are running on a real Sync infrastructure, and that helped me find bugs that are happening only when the server has been running for a while. I could fix for instance a bug that was filling the pool of LDAP connectors without freeing them properly. We'll work on having such CI setups for every Services projects in the future.

The RPM-based release process for all the Python apps is working like a charm and I need to take it to the next stage. We will set up a in-house PyPI proxy to avoid calling on every build. We will probably use collective.eggproxy. That'll be helpfull for the tests as well.

I also started to work with Stefan on hardening the J-Pake protocol for the Sync easy setup. The goal is to make sure it works well when the device is in a flaky network/wifi environment.

What's planned

I'll focus on finishing small bits in the Sync Server and make sure the Pake server meets all the requirements for the grand Firefox 4 release. Beside the work with Stefan, we need to add more logs in the server to make it easier to see what going on: successfull transaction, failures with reasons etc. I'll work with Richard on this.

Globally, the next two weeks are about "serrer les vis" :D