The UI of my dreams : Firefox / Terminal / Thunderbird unified

I work in three environments the whole day:
- Firefox (now mostly Minefield) - Linux terminals - Thunderbird


Yeah you can tell I am not good at screenshots ;)

I switch from one screen to the other using <Alt+Tab> and the underlying Operating System does not really matter. While I am under Ubuntu these days on my MacBook, I'd say that if I had a Bash or ZSH under Windows or Mac OSX, I would not care that much about the OS -- Well I do because Linux offers the best environment when you develop server apps but that's not the point--. In the shell, 90% of my windows are displaying a Vim and most of the time Vim displays itself several files in split mode.

Every time I switch the context, I have this tiny ergonomic fracture in my head. I try desperately my Vim shortcuts in Firefox. Thanks to Vimperator, I was able to reduce this fracture and I'd love to see something similar in Thunderbird.

But there's still something Firefox has, I wish I'd find in all my contexts. Everyone of them has Tabs - But Firefox has ~~TabCandy~~ Panorama, which let you organize tabs in space. I'd also like to "Pin as App"some of my terminals, or do something similar in Thunderbird.

So the UI of my dreams would consist of having the same behavior for these three environments:
- Panorama - App Tabs - Same shortcuts everywhere (Vim mode for me ;)) - Eventually, have a Fusion mode where all tabs from all contexts are at the same level

I don't think it's that crazy and I think that's where we tend to go to in the future. So, who's in for a Desktop Panorama ?