Pycon France and Pycon Japan this summer

It's awesome to see all those Pycon conferences getting organized throughout the world. lists most of them.

For me, Pycon is also a good opportunity to travel and meet people -- I try to attend to Pycon US every year, and when possible to an extra Pycon elsewhere.

This summer I'll attend to Pycon France and Pycon Japan. I've submitted a proposal for the first one, that will happen in Rennes, France in September. If you're in France, you should attend. Rennes is lovely and while the conferences are in French, there will probably be some social events before and after, where english speakers won't be left aside !

I am also giving a keynote for the second one that's happening in Tokyo, Japan at the end of this month. If you happen to be a Pythoneer in Tokyo, speaking French or English, I'd love to meet there.