OSDC Slides - High performance Python web apps

We gave a talk last month with Benoit in Paris about web servers.

The talk consisted of a first part were we've explained how a web server works, and we got into details like what's a backlog etc. and explained how the technology evolved from a single CGI process to modern setups based on event loops or such things.

We've also presented the stack I've set up for the Firefox Sync server, and gave an overview about stress tests tools.

You can grab the PDF translated in English here: High Availability Server Apps - benoitc + tarek

Or watch them on SlideShare here: High Availability Server Apps

The bottom line is : use Nginx, Gunicorn and Gevent

If you wonder why we have socks and shoes on our slides, it's because "socket" sounds a lot like "chaussette" (means socks) in French, so it's a (stupid but efficient) joke :)