Mozillians, win a free pass for Pycon US

The 10th Pycon US conference will happen next March in Santa Clara, California. This is the biggest Pythoneers gathering in the world.

If you've never been to a Pycon and you like Python, you should consider coming -- It's a pretty intense week during which you can meet all the people that are behind the frameworks, libs or event the language itself. Some Mozillians will be there, no doubt.

It's an exciting time at Mozilla right now - in the WebDev team and the Services team for example, because we have a lot of folks who are very active in the Python community. Mozilla itself is active in the community and people are interested in what we build. They use our open source Python modules and we use theirs. And we'd love to have more of this.

Since Mozilla is a Gold sponsor this year, we get 5 free registrations to the conference, and we would like to give them away to some members of the Mozilla community. The pass does not cover the hotel and the travelling, but a registration costs from $200 to $450 (early bird), so if your budget is tight, it's nice to get a free pass !

I thought about picking people in with a silly script, but I think it could be more interesting to take this opportunity to find out what people are doing with Python in the Mozilla project.

So here's the deal -- if you are or have used Python to help out the Mozilla project, blog about it. Explain your project, how you've used Python in it. It can be on any topic, anything, really. Maybe you're more of a JS guy but you're using Python scripts for some specific tasks, or maybe you're working everyday with Django or Flask, etc.

Once the blog is published, send me an e-mail ( with a "[pycon+mozilla]" header, and just the link in the body, before ~~December the 1st~~. February the 1st.

I will pick the five stories I found the most interesting and announce the winners shortly after.