Pyramid @ Python 3

If you have been following closely the latest work done by Chris on WebOb, you know that WebOb and eventually Pyramid became Python 3 compatible.

That makes Python 3 a very tempting target for a new web project.

Paste & PasteScript still need to be ported to Python 3 and the Pyramid team has chosen not to. They have created their own paster replacer instead, which can be used to initiate a Pyramid project or run the app using the .ini file.

I am wondering if it would not be simpler at this point to drop Paste and use this replacer for all Python 3 frameworks that are using the Paste script and templates features.

Besides all the features Pyramid and its libs turns out most of the libs you usually need to build a classical web app already support Python 3, like SQLALchemy and PyMysql for MySQL access, Pylibmc for Memcached;

Things I am still missing in Python 3:
- gevent - gunicorn - python-ldap - Cornice -- I will port it soon

If you want to give it a shot, get the latest Python 3.2 and grab more details at :

And if you miss one lib, add it here

Merry Christmas !