PCard - Password Card

If you go to http://passwordcard.org, there's a password card generator you can use to create a 8 x 30 card filled with random characters, like the one you see here.

The first line is composed of icons and the idea is that you memorize one icon per service you use, then get a pass phrase by reading the characters on that column, or going in diagonal.

Of course that does not work if you have hundreds of passwords. But if you have a dozen very important passwords, the great thing about this card is that it can be printed and fit in your wallet, so you don't depend on any computer or untrusted Internet access when you want a password.

I am not sure to understand why passwordcard.org has the key used to generate the card printed on it, since it can be easy for someone that gives a glimpse to memorize that short sequence (8 chars) and regenerate the card with it. He won't get your passwords but will be closer to them I guess. Of course when you use that card you are not supposed to put you finger on it and follow a line in public ;)

Anyways, I wanted to print out a card for myself, but wanted to run it on my own computer for more safety, and remove the key on the printed version -- I also wanted a command line tool to print out the card in a shell.

And you know what happens when a Python programmer tries to change a Java program that's quite small. He ends up coding it back in Python after staring at it a few minutes :o

Anyways, http://pcard.ziade.org is my own version, the code is at https://github.com/tarekziade/pcard . There's a command line tool and a bottle-based web generator.