Circus 0.1 released


Circus is a program that will let you run and watch multiple processes. Like Supervisord, BluePill and Daemontools.

We wanted to release a first version of Circus before Pycon originally. Then Pycon was here, so we decided we would release it before Pycon would end. And Pycon ended. And we had a few bugs to fix.

But today it's happening !

Circus 0.1 is an alpha release, don't use it in production yet !

But this first release contains a lot of stuff already:

  • a pub/sub channel so you can monitor what's going on.
  • circusctl : an amazing console script that let you interact with the system.
  • a full documentation for the circusctl CLI.
  • an API that's simple enough in most cases.
  • ... many more things really. I had to stop Benoit from adding features ;) -- did I mention that Benoit is amazing ?

I also added a section on how Circus is different from other tools here: , since a lot of people asked about it.

One very important feature for me is to be able to use Circus with a few lines of Python in a program that needs to spawn workers. The use case for me is to run Powerhose, a library that let you dispatch some tasks across several workers, no matter what language they're built with.

This is all it takes to run and maintain 4 workers:

from circus import get_arbiter

arbiter = get_arbiter("worker", 4)


Please let us know what you think !