Signpic - Signing Pictures with PIL

I am starting to really like taking pictures, thanks to the new Pentax K5 I bought.

My photo processing looks roughly like this:

  • I shoot many pics and delete 90% of them
  • I edit them in Adobe Lightroom 4
  • I push them on my account
  • they are stored in my Dropbox account

What I wanted to add is a way to sign my pictures by adding a small text on the bottom right corner. Not because I want to look like some kind of pro photographer -- I am not ;)

But signing is useful when you send pics around to your family & friends: I want them to know that they are more pics at

I found a cool little script at that provides this feature with PIL and will let you sign pictures with a signature image.

signpic is a small script inspired from that blog post that adds:

  • a console script you can use to sign your pics or directories of pics using a provided signature image, or the signature image located at ~/.signature.jpg
  • a --powerhose mode that will run a Powerhose cluster to perform the operations. This is very useful to speed up the process when you need to sign a bunch of pictures - a single signing takes a few seconds.... Powerhose is a Request-Reply Broker pattern in ZMQ, and speed up the signing task.

If you want to give it a shot:

$ pip install signpic
$ bin/signpic ~/Desktop/pics --phose
Using signature file '/Users/tarek/.signature.jpg'
Looking for files in '/Users/tarek/Desktop/pics'