My Raspberry Pi Juke Box (Follow up)


I wrote an up to date version at

Just a follow-up on my Raspberry Pi Juke Box project.

I have received all the peripherals by mail today so I could finish the project.

A few remarks:

  • The XMI Speaker is amazing. You unfold it like an accordion and it has a really good sound. It's hard to give you an idea, but if you have a MBP or a MBA, the sound coming out of this tiny speaker is much better.
  • The USB Battery delivers 1A or 500ma, so is working perfectly well for the R-Pi.

Both peripherals were fully charged when I got them, so I could go ahead and plug them.

The AirLink 101 wifi dongle on the other hand was a bit tedious to install. It's a Realtek 8188CUS but a 8191SU driver seems to work well.

Don't plug it, it will freeze your R-PI. Edit the etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf file and add:

blacklist rtl8192cu

Then, before you plug it:

$ wget
$ tar -xzvf 8192cu.tar.gz
$ sudo install -p -m 644 8192cu.ko /lib/modules/3.1.9+/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/
$ sudo depmod -a
$ sudo apt-get install firmware-realtek dhcpcd wpasupplicant

Now you can plug it and reboot your R-Pi. Things should work fine.

Tweak your /etc/network/interfaces if you want the dongle to autoconnect to your wifi. Here's my relevant section for wlan0:

auto wlan0

iface wlan0 inet dhcp
    wpa-ssid Villa_Des_Mouches
    wpa-psk MyPassWord

That's all. Now when I reboot the R-Pi via the hardware, it gets an IP via the WIfi Dongle and I can happily ssh it or get into the Juke box app.

I am really happy I did not have to add a powered USB Hub.