Looking for an Ops for Mozilla

While the Mozilla paid staff is distributed worldwide, there's one thing that has to be dealt with: timezones!

On the development side, I've been the only developer in Europe in the Services team for a while. That meant I had to work in my evenings to sync with other folks, mainly form the west coast -- and sleep late in my mornings whenever my kids allowed it ;)

Then Hanno & Alexis joined, which is really cool since we now have daily meetings and can chat together at daytime while the rest of the team is sleeping.

Although, there's one missing person to make that European team more efficient: a Devops/Ops engineer that can work with us on our project -- and allow the team to interact with the infrastucture and also build cool tools.

Being a Devops for Mozilla is quite a job -- given the huge amount of traffic we get on most projects.

If you are an Ops/Devops, located in Europe (possible countries listed in the link) and if you like Python as much as we do -- please apply !

The job description: http://jobvite.com/m?3dQRzfwd

Don't hesitate to reach me if you want more info.