Mozilla Services Hangout #1

We wanted to do this for a while: make the weekly show and tell we're having at Mozilla Services Europe every week a public event anyone can attend to.

Mozilla Services Europe is composed of Alexis, Hanno and myself.

I've tried to set up a BigBlueButton box in the past but I never found the time to finish setting everything up. Maybe one day...

In the meantine we used Google Plus Hangout, which gives us the ability to broadcast live the event on YouTube, and even record it for us. It's hassle-free, so yay!

The first hangout is composed of two parts:

  • at 1"20' starts a round table of current "tool & lib" projects we work on
  • at 11"4' demo of Vaurien

tools we discuss during the hangout:

The recorded hangout on G+:

Please let us know if you liked it, what was boring or any issue or thing we can improve.

I will announce the next one as soon as we define a date - probably sometimes next week on Paris/Berlin time around 10 am.