Flake8 2.0 released

Flake8 is a extensible code checker. It unifies tools like PyFlakes or pep8 so you can check your Python code with a single command line call - or directly in Git & Mercurial.

Get the new version at PyPI or simply:

$ pip install flake8

The project looks like it's getting quite popular - over 113,000 downloads, according to crate.io

There are many projects out there that also bundle FLake8 in VIM, like vim-flake8, flake8-vim, Syntastic or Khuno -- wow, 4 projects.

Ian Cordasco took over the maintenance of Flake8 a few months ago and did an amazing work of cleaning the code.

The code still had a local copy of PyFlakes, I've hacked back when I started, to make it compatible with Python 3. The plan was to have the upstream project compatible with Python 3 and make Flake8 depend on it - and Ian worked hard on fixing this dependency issue - among other stuff.

In parallel, Florent Xicluna also worked on the Python 3 porting in PyFlakes and also started to help the maintenance of pep8.

The very good news is that we've all joined forces to synchronize our efforts, and we've released together a 2.0 version of Flake8 that now uses all upstream projects as dependencies and also provides a nice way to add new extensions.

Check out how to create new extensions at : http://flake8.readthedocs.org/en/latest/extensions.html

Good times, thanks Ian and Florent.

By the way : we'd like to add a logo to the project - Ian and other people on Twitter suggested a snow flake with 8 branches. If you're an artist/designer and want to contribute a logo - please contact me.