FaitMain magazine #2

We've launched the second issue of Fait Main, a French magazine about the DIY movement. There are a lot of rough edges remaining since the magazine is built on our week-ends, but it's starting to look good. I love the content of the second issue because it talks about very different topics and not only the usual suspects (Python, Raspberry-PI, Arduino.)

One thing I want to mention to all my English speaking friends: we also accept articles in English - we take care of the translation.

This issue has two articles that were originally in English:

The first one appeared on my radar in Hacker News, and I asked the author the permission to translate it and publish it in the magazine. The second one was written by a member of the Python community, Fritz van Deventer I met during the FOSDEM in a corridor session. I was impressed by his work and asked him to write a little article for our magazine.

So, if you want to write something for the third issue, or know a great article we should translate - let me know in the comments.

Issue #3 will be out in August.