French Services Hackaton #1

The Mozilla Cloud Services team just got a little bit reorganized and I am now managing a new subteam.

I am very happy about the new subteam I am part of: Alexis, Rémy and myself are the French Cloud Services team. We're still working on projects with other teams of course - but being a team in the same timezone and speaking the same native language helps a lot.

One topic that is owned by our team is building and maintaining tools that help build, deploy & run web services.

Currently, the three most active projects are:

  • Loads -- a distributed load testing tool we use to verify that a given service scales.
  • Circus -- an extensible process supervisor we're using in all our deployments
  • Cornice -- a Python framework on the top of Pyramid that helps you write web services - as opposed to "web pages"

Hackaton #1

Rémy & Alexis are in Rennes, and I am located not far from Dijon - so we're very close to each other. Closer than from our colleagues from the US or Canada. When the team was set, we've decided that we would gather for a couple of days once every month at the Mozilla Paris office to work on tools.

That's what we did this week. And that event is open to the community - we had the pleasure to have Boris coming and working with us during those 2 days.

We worked on the following topics:

  • We released the long overdue Circus 0.11
  • We made the Circus web dashboard compatible with several Circus instances. In other words, you can now supervise processes that are running on several servers from the same dashboard
  • We looked at some improvements in how Cornice publishes its APIs specifications.

But the most important task: we socialized, had fun around food/drinks.

The next hackaton will be sometimes in June. I'll try to announce it so more people can join us.