Decentralization Mailing List

This is long time due !

Following up with my previous blog post I have started a Decentralization Mailing list.

The goal of this mailing list is to discuss technologies related to data decentralization in Mozilla projects - and in particular in the ones we work at in the Cloud Services team (but it can go beyond of course)

A few topic examples that people brought up:

  1. Could remoteStorage be used with Firefox Account to build Firefox OS apps where people can store their own data ?
  2. Can Firefox Sync use a remoteStorage backend ?
  3. Why can't I run a simple "apt-get install firefox-sync" and host my own server ?
  4. What about peer-to-peer ? How does that fit with the services we provide ?

The list is at :

I will wait a week or so to launch topics there, but if you are interested in this topic, if you want to lurk or to launch an idea - please join.

On my side, the first topic I will probably talk about in this ML is #1.